We Are Blessed

I have the problem of thinking, on a continual basis, what a great life would be like? And just how you would

We Are Blessed2018-11-07T17:44:50-08:00

Think for Yourself

There are some great things that have happened to me as I have grown older, and one of them is to not listen to every report that is trying to capture my mind with negativity.

Think for Yourself2018-09-27T15:52:23-07:00

How Smart is Smart?

Apple will soon be announcing all the new upgrades and gadgets for their phones.

How Smart is Smart?2018-09-27T01:09:17-07:00

Self-Control – Don’t you hate it?

I have been thinking about our church and how we can spur people into action when it comes to living out our Christian faith in a real and relevant way.

Self-Control – Don’t you hate it?2018-09-27T01:12:35-07:00
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